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Soon to be Hogger by Crovv
Soon to be Hogger
I waited about 10 months for this beauty created by Crystumes.
In due time I hope to start work on a Hogger (From world of warcraft) costume.  
I also need to do some work with the teeth and eyelids as the expression isn't right (looks very feline to me currently).
This will be my first furred head as I generally sculpt and paint my heads.
Th is currently features follow me eyes, a squishy silicone tongue and nose and one of crystume's hyena jaw sets.
MossTmog by Crovv
My female druid tmog set

All content copyright Blizzard entertainment.
Demon Tmog by Crovv
Demon Tmog
Just my femtaurs t-mog
All content copyright Blizzard Entertainment,
Dino progress by Crovv
Dino progress
Started to work on the scales a bit (don't you love my snack dishes in the BG? Hah).

Not sure what I'm doing, but I'm doing it. First time with this soooooo, yeah. Then after all this jazz is done comes casting, which I also have 0 experience with. Fun times ahead.
Gaia  the  Western Luck Dragon by Crovv
Gaia the Western Luck Dragon
Wow, I haven't actually sat down to draw something in just over 2 years O.O; This here is a basic design, so the colouring is sorta slapped on there.

WTF is a luck dragon, right? Luck dragons are a species I created a few years back but didn't do too much with. There are Western, Norther, Eastern, and Southern Luck Dragons. A universal feature is they all have a horn of some form on their head (much like a unicorn) which acts as a sort of lightening rod to absorb energy. You see, luck dragons survive by absorbing positive energy or "luck" from other creatures. These creatures will suffer a series of unfortunate events until death occurs in a horrific, freak accident.
In order to absorb the energies unnoticed, luck dragons select a favorite morph so they can hide among the poor, unsuspecting animals (could even be human, although human morphs are rare as it's very difficult to pull off).

Gaia's morph is an elk, she supports a set of small "beginner" antlers to show pride in her chosen morph. 
As luck dragons absorb more energy they grow. Luck dragons can live indefinitely as long as there is an energy source. Excess energy is stored in a ball near the absorption horn (as seen on Gaia). After the area is filled, the excess energy will manifest itself upon the dragon itself in any given number of ways (dragon has no control of how it manifests). Gaia has large energy runes as well as energy rings. Spare energy can be used to create a shield or be used as a weapon (like an energy beam) if the dragon is threatened. Once the spare energy is used in this way, it cannot be reclaimed.

These are the main stages in a luck dragons life: Whelp, Youth, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder, Ancient, Legend
As luck dragons grow they become more "epic" if you will. More complex designed, more horns, more wings, more everything!
Gaia is a young adult.
Luck dragons are not evil, though some may develop a sadistic personality finding pleasure in watching their victims suffer through trials until death claims them. Some Luck dragon do not wish to partake in the energy theft and cut off their own horns ensuring they cannot absorb the energy they need to live. These are called Starvation Dragons and will often die by adulthood or sooner.
Gaia is VERY ambitious and is constantly seeking out new victims (thus why she has so much excess energy around her).

These are not an open species and there is a TON of info missing. I'm working on a full species explanation.

I had wanted to create a dragon species that people who don't normally have dragon characters could get into. The luck dragons morph allows people to have a dragon that can also be a character they are more comfortable drawing or role playing as while secretly, it's still a dragon in disguise causing all kinds of mischief. The fact that luck dragons constantly evolve over their life span also allows for endless customizing and changing of the character, which I personally like.

More info on the way soon (I hope).


Mikael Simpson
United States
Current Residence: Some Hell Hole In America
Favourite genre of music: Hardstyle, Orchistrated musics, Native American
Favourite style of art: pretty stuff, original, not the same old 'dark demon' bull
Skin of choice: .... Wha??!
Favourite cartoon character: I dunno about cartoon....But Raistlin should have been a God!
So, it's official, My husband, Roland, and I are heading down to DragonCon 2015 in Atlanta Georgia this year!  
I feel excited but also VERY nervous and scared. So many amazing costumes and people are there and I'm just so....bleh.
We're staying at the Omni Hotel, which is fancy and awesome! It's on the DragonCon transport route, so that part makes me very happy (it was one of the only sort of close hotels not completely booked up).

I know one other person going this year, is anyone else going to attend?

Otachi is slow going and I need to pick up the pace! I'm working on her body right now, padding up her digi legs. I bought even MORE new fabric to try and make her body look decent. I have no idea what I'm doing! I still haven't figure out what to do about the bobble type things on the underside of her tail. I've been tossing around about 5 different ideas and none of them seem to be that great. Sigh. So much more work.  Her feet are HUGE and it means I can go down stairs, but I cannot go UP them, which will make life difficult. I'm seriously questioning if I could even make it onto an escalator. I doubt I could.

I'm going to get fitted for her wings this weekend and see what's what with those. Attaching the metal / aluminum wing mechanisms to the fabric costume is yet another huge hurtle I need to face. Just So, so, so much to do.
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I'll keep an eye out for you!
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