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Otachi in the Dark by Crovv
Otachi in the Dark
This is what she looks like in the dark...with a crappy camera (sorry again!) Wish those eyes were lighting up! Oh well. Still pretty sweet. And the tongue (a blue UV reflective tongue by DVC) glows SO intensely, this photo can't even start to show it (4 blue LEDs and 1 black light led cause the blue glow).
Otachi's Lights by Crovv
Otachi's Lights
My wonderful husband, as seen there on the right, wired up Otachi's lights for me a few days ago! He worked VERY long and hard to get it all to work. This photo was taken WITH a flash and her lights are still so bright. Her tongue is blue UV reflective tongue from DVC which is why it's glowing so intensely. Otachi has 4 blue LEDs and one black lights LED on the roof oh her mouth. The light does't penetrate the tear duct vision (thank goodness) but her nose vent...thing does light up a bit. Not a total disaster.

Sadly, We could not get her eyes to work. I had gotten a faulty paid of LED eyes. I tested them before installing them, but with only a few times turning them on after installation, the diode slowly died into nothingness. Her eyes are sculpted in and to remove the eye would require me to scrape off half her face. Not happening! The diode is forever infused into the resin eye and cannot be removed. We thought we might be able to place a cluster of LEDs (about three) behind the eye where there was a gap left for the wire but sadly the gap wasn't big enough to allow enough light through to light the eye as much as the other (have one more dim than the other just looks derpy). We might be able to chisel out a larger gap later on, but it required taping up otachi to avoid dust particles as well as some precision and we just don't have time for that stuff before Anime Boston on April 3rd. She may yet have light up eyes, but not this time around.

Once more, this mask was created off a round nose dragon blank by DVC with some seriously hardcore alterations which you can follow along with in my gallery :)
Body Suit by Crovv
Body Suit
some progress on the body suit. Scales are all hand done in puff paint. Obviously NOT done yet, but working hard every night after work to try and get her done in time! *dies*
new teeth colour by Crovv
new teeth colour
painted Otachi's teeth bone as I could never tell what freakin' colour they were supposed to be based of the grained and dark images I was working off of when I made the head. With the release of the action figure I see they are indeed bone coloured and so I repainted her teeth.
Otachi's Skin by Crovv
Otachi's Skin
got one leg covered in the final fabric (a 4 way stretch black micro suede) and I'm now hand painting on each individual scale. Scales are still wet here so they are a bit shiny. They'll be less shiny once dried. They are puff fabric paint.


Mikael Simpson
United States
Current Residence: Some Hell Hole In America
Favourite genre of music: Hardstyle, Orchistrated musics, Native American
Favourite style of art: pretty stuff, original, not the same old 'dark demon' bull
Skin of choice: .... Wha??!
Favourite cartoon character: I dunno about cartoon....But Raistlin should have been a God!
So, it's official, My husband, Roland, and I are heading down to DragonCon 2015 in Atlanta Georgia this year!  
I feel excited but also VERY nervous and scared. So many amazing costumes and people are there and I'm just so....bleh.
We're staying at the Omni Hotel, which is fancy and awesome! It's on the DragonCon transport route, so that part makes me very happy (it was one of the only sort of close hotels not completely booked up).

I know one other person going this year, is anyone else going to attend?

Otachi is slow going and I need to pick up the pace! I'm working on her body right now, padding up her digi legs. I bought even MORE new fabric to try and make her body look decent. I have no idea what I'm doing! I still haven't figure out what to do about the bobble type things on the underside of her tail. I've been tossing around about 5 different ideas and none of them seem to be that great. Sigh. So much more work.  Her feet are HUGE and it means I can go down stairs, but I cannot go UP them, which will make life difficult. I'm seriously questioning if I could even make it onto an escalator. I doubt I could.

I'm going to get fitted for her wings this weekend and see what's what with those. Attaching the metal / aluminum wing mechanisms to the fabric costume is yet another huge hurtle I need to face. Just So, so, so much to do.
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HeavyArtilleryBot Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
what are you going to be this year for animeboston 2015? 
Crovv Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
Otachi if I can get her done in time.
HeavyArtilleryBot Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
cool! i look forward to seeing you there. I'll be a bald eagle with a DVC base too c: 
Crovv Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
I'll keep an eye out for you!
un-do Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015
Gonna keep an eye on you for your Otachi work. REALLY coming along. 
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I stumbled over your art from FR. You have some fantastic stuff!
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wow :D thank you so much! I'm completely loving your 3D work! I've ALWAYS wanted to learn how to use those programs T-T
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Thanks for the favorite, I really appreciate it.  Feel free to check out my others if you get a moment.
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